Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All men are beautiful in the eyes of the women that love them

Earlier this week, I posted the video below on my Facebook page. The first comment posted was from friend of mine from Ontario, who said her pastor looks like the man featured in the commercial. I smiled. She is the pastor's wife. He is a wonderful man, but by no means does he  look like the hunk in the clip.  He's older, is a bit pudgy, and has started to gray.


Of course, her comment was followed by other comments about how lucky she was to have such a beautiful pastor. She is lucky.  But not the way the other's think.
It's awesome she thinks her man is the man in the commercial.  When you look at a man through the eyes of love, the man is your hero and the most gorgeous man on the planet.

I'm not sure how the world sees my man. In my eyes, he is the most beautiful man on earth. It doesn't matter that he's starting to bald or that his abs aren't as cut as they once were. All that matters is that I love him for all the wonderful things he is... and for the amazing and talented person he is. To me, he is a gorgeous hunk and will always be. He is my shining star and my world. I love him with all my heart, and I am so grateful that he's mine.

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