Sunday, January 29, 2012

Even when he's naughty...

Even when he's  naughty, my son makes me laugh.

Yesterday, he decided to draw on the floor. Draw on the floor? I've heard of  kids drawing on walls, but never on floors.  It was cute. I tried not to laugh, explaining that he should never draw on the floor, but it  was so cute. Perhaps I have a budding young artist...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All men are beautiful in the eyes of the women that love them

Earlier this week, I posted the video below on my Facebook page. The first comment posted was from friend of mine from Ontario, who said her pastor looks like the man featured in the commercial. I smiled. She is the pastor's wife. He is a wonderful man, but by no means does he  look like the hunk in the clip.  He's older, is a bit pudgy, and has started to gray.


Of course, her comment was followed by other comments about how lucky she was to have such a beautiful pastor. She is lucky.  But not the way the other's think.
It's awesome she thinks her man is the man in the commercial.  When you look at a man through the eyes of love, the man is your hero and the most gorgeous man on the planet.

I'm not sure how the world sees my man. In my eyes, he is the most beautiful man on earth. It doesn't matter that he's starting to bald or that his abs aren't as cut as they once were. All that matters is that I love him for all the wonderful things he is... and for the amazing and talented person he is. To me, he is a gorgeous hunk and will always be. He is my shining star and my world. I love him with all my heart, and I am so grateful that he's mine.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is Facebook making us miserable?

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, author Daniel Gulati postulated that the most dominant communication platform, Facebook, is making us miserable. Regrettably, I have to agree. (Of course, I don't have the courage to post this on my Facebook page... LOL).

Facebook, and social media such as Twitter, along with text messaging and constant access to smart phones, means that we suddenly have instant access to everything and everyone all the time.

How many times have you gone to a meeting or a party and noticed how many people were on their smart phones? As Mr. Gulati discusses in his article, our thoughts become splintered. Suddenly we're not focusing on what we're doing, we're focusing on other things. We're not 'present in the now' and end up not participating in our lives.  We become observers. Observers in other's lives, and observers of our own. (I wonder how much of this creates adult attention deficit disorder...) We can't concentrate on the here and now.

And, then come the comparisons... You see photos of people on beaches, their nice homes, comments about trips to the gym, how great their kids are etc, and you start to compare yourself to them.  In this sometimes glowing Facebook world, we never see the late nights, the struggles, the fears - just the things on the surface. We're often comparing ourselves to this false ideal of what other people's lives are like, and inevitably coming up short.  Facebook can be the Photoshopped models in magazines... an impossible ideal, a plastic world.

Then, there are those who use Facebook to gripe. Gripe about EVERYTHING from their kids, to in laws, to their homes and more. You have to wonder if this is a cry for attention, a way for their `friends` to notice them.

Or they might use Facebook for passive-aggressive comments and behaviours. It's easy to hide behind the text. You don't have to say the nasty things face-to-face. 

Words can't hurt? Cyberbullying via Facebook is now becoming more common.  Tragically, this has driven people to suicide, as has been publicised in the news lately.

Is there a solution? In today`s society, you can`t avoid Facebook, social media and smart phones. Unless you become a hermit, it is a daily reality. Mr. Gulati suggests we spend more time talking to people in person and limit our interactions via Facebook to one visit a day.

I agree, in theory. In reality, this is hard to do. But, I think that in order for our society to have healthy children and adults, we need to spend more time with people in person, not on the computer.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goodbye dear Snoopy

Tonight, I watched a doctor put my brother's cat, Snoopy, down.  Snoopy had been sick for about a year and a half, and my brother and partner did everything they could to save him. They would give injections and IV's. This cat was their baby... Pure and simple.

They loved this little kitty from the moment they laid eyes on his black body with a little tuft of white fur on his chin and his feet and adopted him on the spot.  Snoopy proved to be a lovely companion. Always there to make them smile, even on darker days. Snoopy would play peek-a-boo and loved toys, especially 'bananas' and straws. This kitty was a cuddler, who loved to be held. A part of the family.

Yesterday, we dropped him off at the vet's, with the hope he would survive just a little longer, because my brother's partner is out of town until next week. Sadly, the call came. He had a heart attack, and we should be there as soon as possible. When we arrived, he was in an incubator with an oxygen mask on. Not moving. Barely acknowledging us.  We made it just in time.

Thankfully, my brother had a chance to cuddle him one last time and felt him go limp in his arms. And, with a small injection into his IV, little Snoopy, who graced us with his life for seven years,  was gone.

My brother is devastated.  This is just so sad. I'm just glad we could be there to say goodbye to this precious little creature.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Whew! I'm back!

Argh!  I've been trying to login to this blog account for, well, forever.  I even threatened to create a new blog (in my head, not outloud). But today, I realised this blog uses another email address - one that I don't access very often. What a relief! I didn't want to start all over again.

Thanks for your patience! I'm back now!