Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goodbye dear Snoopy

Tonight, I watched a doctor put my brother's cat, Snoopy, down.  Snoopy had been sick for about a year and a half, and my brother and partner did everything they could to save him. They would give injections and IV's. This cat was their baby... Pure and simple.

They loved this little kitty from the moment they laid eyes on his black body with a little tuft of white fur on his chin and his feet and adopted him on the spot.  Snoopy proved to be a lovely companion. Always there to make them smile, even on darker days. Snoopy would play peek-a-boo and loved toys, especially 'bananas' and straws. This kitty was a cuddler, who loved to be held. A part of the family.

Yesterday, we dropped him off at the vet's, with the hope he would survive just a little longer, because my brother's partner is out of town until next week. Sadly, the call came. He had a heart attack, and we should be there as soon as possible. When we arrived, he was in an incubator with an oxygen mask on. Not moving. Barely acknowledging us.  We made it just in time.

Thankfully, my brother had a chance to cuddle him one last time and felt him go limp in his arms. And, with a small injection into his IV, little Snoopy, who graced us with his life for seven years,  was gone.

My brother is devastated.  This is just so sad. I'm just glad we could be there to say goodbye to this precious little creature.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Whew! I'm back!

Argh!  I've been trying to login to this blog account for, well, forever.  I even threatened to create a new blog (in my head, not outloud). But today, I realised this blog uses another email address - one that I don't access very often. What a relief! I didn't want to start all over again.

Thanks for your patience! I'm back now!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things kids say...

My little guy is still working on pronunciation of some words, and sometimes words he says come out sounding a little bit perverted.  "Falcon" sounds like "f*cking", and "peacock" sounds like "big cock."  Oops.

On Canada Day, however, my son said the funniest thing.  We were in the womens' locker room changing to go swimming.  Naked women were everywhere.  As clear as a bell, he embraced the spirit of the day and said (loudly...), "I want a beaver!"  Yeah.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mommies and Wine

Let's face it.  I love a nice glass of wine from time-to-time.  Not daily, not monthly, just once in a while.  Maybe 4-5 times a year.  I love the taste of a crisp white, or a bold, fruity red, or the sweetness of an ice wine.  I have a small wine collection that would make some people weep with joy. (It's a collection because I buy wine and don't drink it, even though the wine is appealing to me).  Some of these bottles cost over $100.  Many are over $50.

I don't need a glass of wine every day.  Bottles are opened when appropriate or when I have a craving.  Or, quite frankly, when I need wine in a recipe.

Now it looks like wines are being marketed directly towards Moms.

The prevailing viewpoint seems to be that it's about time that women are targets of alcohol advertising.  Not primarily men. Potential for alcohol abuse seems to be confused with feminism.

There is a danger.  Women are now becoming addicted to substances more frequently than ever in history.  And, it's harder for women than men to quit once they become addicted to something.  Moms who drink and plan on having more children do put their future children at risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and developmental delays, if they are drinking while pregnant (before they know they are pregnant).

Also, there might be a link between parents who drink alcohol freely in front of their children and potential for alcohol abuse when the children are older.

Yes, women and Moms will drink alcohol, and I'm not against it. But, I tend to air on the side of caution when it comes to drinking in front of children or drinking to help "sooth nerves" at the end of a long day... And that holds true regardless of parental gender.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I know it's impossible, but I really wish my Dad could be here with us, not just spiritually, but physically too.

He'd love the fact that S and I are together, and he would have enjoyed conversations about their shared interests.  He would have helped with the house and enjoyed learning about all the details go in building our house.

He'd love all three of his grandkids and make them a priority.  He'd spend every moment he could with them, taking them for walks, telling them stories, and playing with toys - especially the train sets - with them.  We'd go to parks and the zoo, and experience outdoors together.

He'd love the similarities between T and him.  The way the both love hot pools, the mountains and cherries. 

He'd love his intensity and his desire to learn.

He'd love how T says, "I love books" and tells stories of his favourite things. 

He'd love watching T jump up and down, chase bubbles, 'cook' food, play inside his castle and try to be like Daddy.

Dad would love going to the Farmer's Markets, be amazed by the C-Train construction, and doing every day things like going to the bakery or visiting Cross Iron Mills (Bass Pro).

He'd appreciate a good cup of coffee from my favourite coffee shops, and love the new gourmet donut place I'm so fond of.

He'd listen, give advice, and be there whenever we needed him, just like he was when he was alive.

I miss you Dad...  There was so much more for you to experience here.  But, I'm  glad that we were able to enjoy the time we shared together when you were alive.  I treasure those moments in my heart, and look with your eyes at the magic around us.  Love you Dad!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


T is 100% Daddy.

Daddy is a plumber/gasfitter, so his standard uniform is a t-shirt, with a buttoned shirt on top.

On Friday, as I was getting T ready to go to the dayhome, I helped him put on a t-shirt, then he insisted I help him put a buttoned shirt on top too.  When I finished the top button, he smiled at me and said, "I'm handsome.  I'm handsome like Daddy."  I agreed with him and gave him a great big hug.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Miracle babies

Last week, when I finally took the little guy swimming again, I met the most beautiful little girl.  The nine month old, with big blue eyes, was so curious and couldn't stop smiling.

As Moms tend to do, we started to share our kid stories.  I learned that when the Mom was in her early 40s, she tried everything to conceive a child, and nothing happened. She and her husband gave up, and she followed her career path.  She excelled at work and was even offered a position in France.  Surprisingly, at 47, she discovered she was pregnant (totally unplanned and unexpected), and the world changed.  She finally conceived the baby she desperately wanted - the little girl playing before us.

It was obvious that this tiny miracle was going to do something special with her life and was an amazing gift.

When I hear stories like this or read stories about babies who are born despite struggles to conceive, like Calamity Jen's, it reinforces what miracles and gifts little babies are and that they should never be taken for granted.  It also reminds us that miracles can happen even when all hope is seemingly gone.  The world would be a much better place if more miracles could happen for people who would make loving parents.  And, I'm always praying for miracles.